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We understand that you may have questions about our products or services, and we’ve compiled a list of the most common inquiries we receive. Our goal is to provide you with clear and concise answers that will help you make informed decisions and get the most out of your experience with us.

Yes. As long as your tiles are all intact, not uneven or damaged then there is no problem for SPC to be installed on it. In fact a flat tiles surface is ideal for SPC installationas compared to other flooring like parquet or cement floor.

Yes you can install on the dry kitchen area. Our SPC is stain resistant and slip resistant so is ideal for kitchen area. However it is advised not to install at wet kitchen floor where extensive usage of water to clean the floor is required. The water may go in to the bottom of the plank through the edges because SPC is installed using click system but not adhesive.

No problem. SPC is water resistant and its surface is protected with stain resistant layer and the German click system does not not allow water to go in between the planks. Even mopping the floor with lots of water will not harm the planks.

That is because low grade SPC contains lots of recycled materials like plastic, heavy metal and etc to lower the production cost and with that, expansion can easily occur under hot weather or temperature causing the flooring to buckle. Good quality SPC like VFloor uses only 100% green materials like lime stone powder so the expansion is almost zero and the lifespan of the product can be easily more than 10 years.

Yes. Depending on the location of your damaged piece/plank, we will be able to replace the broken one with new one using the most suitable method. The whole process is rather easy, fast and clean unlike replacing other materials like tiles or marble.

Depending on the conditions of your parquet and the flatness of the whole area. We can only advise after the on-site inspection. As every household flooring problem must be tackled separately, we would not just simply advise you to install SPC if there is a need to redo the flooring prior to the installation.

For aesthethic reason we will advise to install SPC first prior to the carpentry works like the installation of wardrobes. Let the wardrobes sit on the SPC flooring. Good quality SPC like VFloor can withstand the weight of heavy furnitures and give no problem at all.

You can just mop the SPC floor with clean water or neutral floor cleaner. In fact you will find that our SPC needs very little mopping or cleaning because of its quality stain resistant layer.

Not to worry. As long as your doors are made of wood, our skillful installers know how to trim the door to leave an ideal gap.

In conclusion, VFloor is a factory brand with guarantee on the product purity and quality. The materials used to produce VFloor are far more premium than the ordinary SPC. In our showroom we can show you the differences so that you get a worry free flooring product. Most importantly is the product durability of Vfloor which gives you value for money spent.

100% Safe Materials
Non Recycled Waste & Heavy Metal
Factory Brand & Warranty

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